Zach Hines is an author and screenwriter. He is a creator, producer and showrunner of MY UNDEAD YOKAIGIRLFRIEND, an Amazon Studios original show adapted for Japan and debuting in 2024. 


His debut novel, NINE, a dystopian scifi thriller, is published by Harper Collins. It’s an Amazon best-seller and available wherever books are sold. He also co-created SENT for HBO Asia and wrote for GRACE, an HBO Original. He’s developed film and television for a range of producers and studios, including CBS Studios, AMC Studios, and Skybound Entertainment.


A former journalist, Zach was based in Hong Kong for ten years, where he ran Asia’s largest English-language magazine company. His journalistic writing has been published at the South China Morning Post, and his tech journalism has appeared in The Outline, Engadget, and Kill Screen. He is originally from rural West Virginia.