“Kristina has been my agent for two years and she is a marvel. Her superpower lies in the fact that she is both an agent and an author, which gives her a unique understanding of the literary world. Her love for storytelling is paramount – she knows what makes a good story, and she has been hugely generous in helping me to sharpen my own skills. Not only is Kristina an expert at pairing authors with their dream editors, but she genuinely cares about her clients' careers, and goes above and beyond the call of duty in order to find the right home for their work. Kristina is a dream agent and I cannot recommend her enough.”
Josh Winning
“Kristina is an amazing agent. I'm so lucky to have her. She is smart, savvy, and she will fight for you. I had despaired of ever getting my novel published, but because of her the offers are now pouring in and I couldn't be happier. I also appreciate that she focuses on Own Voices authors and stories, and she's incredibly generous with feedback and edits. Thank you, Kristina, for helping my dreams to come true!”
Sharon Emmerichs
“Kristina is a fantastic agent who truly cares for her clients and advocates for their success. She began representing me, as a first-time non-fiction author, in the spring of 2021 and I could not be happier with everything that she has done for me. As a new author, she was kind and considerate in explaining the entire submission and publication process to me so that I always knew what to expect at each stage. She gave keen editorial advice for improving my proposal including constructive comments on wording, where to push ideas further, where to add a little or take a little away, and how to best represent my background and expertise in the proposal. Once submissions began, she had an unmatched determination to keep chasing editors until offers came through and a deal was reached. She was professional, loyal, and determined to get me the best deal possible. I know that she does all of these things for all of her authors. She is a fierce ally throughout the publishing process and a strong advocate. On top of this, she is friendly, personable and an incredibly kind and considerate person. I am very lucky to have her representing me.”
Troy Tassier
“Kristina is the best kind of agent to exist--she's punctual, straightforward, and only looking to sharpen a story. She always helps me to round out the stories I want to tell to make sure it's the best possible version before sending it out to editors.”
Vincent Tirado
“Kristina is a great agent. She is enthusiastic, fast, and thorough. . She also has extensive knowledge of both the publishing industry and of the writing process itself, which allows her to help her clients all steps of the way. You know that she will go above and beyond to make your manuscript the best it could be and to find the best publisher for you. With Kristina, you can be sure that she'll think of everything. Indeed, she's often several steps ahead of me. I'm very happy to have her as my agent!”
Johanna van Veen
Kristina has been my literary agent since 2020. In that short time she's secured me a lead-title, two book deal with Faber & Faber for YA, with a separate audiobook deal (plus a second audiobook deal for my first two novels) with Tantor, as well as a major lead-title, two-book deal with Viking for my adult debut. She has a fantastic editorial eye and helped polish the manuscripts with clear-sighted, actionable, business-oriented advice that always included a full appreciation for my voice as an author. Her focus is on helping me write the best version of my book possible and always takes the time to understand what I'm trying to achieve so she can help me chase my creative vision. At the same time, she's great at challenging me with ideas about how to angle each project so it has the best commercial potential: this is invaluable, and makes for a perfect combination of editorial input. She's incredibly dedicated to the full process of agenting, including prepping for pitches, and explaining her thinking and strategy on submission to me. She takes the time to touch base in quieter periods (e.g. when I'm occupied working with publishing editors), but is always aware of what stage my projects are at and is ready to jump in if there's anything that needs clarification or an extra voice. When I had a professional difficulty, she was so supportive and demonstrated a real commitment to the highest ethical standards.
Alexia Casale