Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I need to follow your submission guidelines?
Yes, please! Use the links given in each agent’s submission page or click here for details.


Should I send my submission to more than one PLE agent?
No. Please only submit the same manuscript to one PLE agent. We are very collaborative and share projects internally if we think they are a better fit for a colleague’s list.


How long do you take to consider submissions? 
We aim to consider all queries within 8 weeks and all manuscripts within 12 weeks. Please do, however, let us know if you have received an offer of representation for a query or manuscript we are considering.


Do you respond to all submissions?
We look forward to each and every query we receive but, unfortunately, due to the volume of submissions we are unable to reply unless we are interested in reading more. You will be able to check the status of your submission through the Query Manager portal. We know every story is important and we thank you for choosing to submit to us.


Can I resend a revised manuscript?
We encourage writers not to query their manuscripts until they are 100% happy with them. Unless you are invited by us to do a R&R (revise and resubmit), please do not send us the same manuscript twice.


Can I send you a new manuscript if I have been unsuccessful before?
Definitely! Each project is different and sometimes the second or third time is the charm!


Do you represent plays or screenplays?
We don’t currently represent plays or screenplays except those written by our literary clients.


Do you represent subrights for books you don’t represent?
Generally, no. However we will consider representing subrights for self-published authors on a case by case basis. Email with the particulars of your project.


Do I need to be based in the United Kingdom to be represented by PLE?
Not at all! We welcome queries from writers all over the world who write in English. We will also consider select projects in the Spanish language for the English language market only.


I have a non-query related question. Can I contact you?
Of course. For all client related rights queries contact the Managing Director. For all other questions, please email