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What Isabel's looking for:

I represent YA and New Adult and am particularly interested in Contemporary Romance, Romantasy and Fantasy. I am always attracted to the character and voice first, so give me romantic tension that has me giggling, a villain who is as charming as they are evil or a group of characters who have me watching their conversations as if it’s a tennis match.


More specifically, I am looking for:

Romance –– For YA, give me updated Meg Cabot or John Green. Those were favorites of mine when I was a teenager but I want new takes––LGBT characters, diverse backgrounds, complex character development and a deepdive into what it means to be a teenager in the current world. Give me relatability that doesn’t sacrifice a character’s unique traits. I’m looking for the middle ground between the manic pixie dream girl and the buttoned-up character who just needs to take off their glasses.

In New Adult, I am a big fan of authors like Elle Kennedy, C. W. Farnsworth, Elsie Silver and Morgan Elizabeth. BookTok romances are the perfect escapism for readers of all ages but especially for college students and young professionals like myself. My all-time favorite tropes are Grumpy/Sunshine, Fall First/Fall Harder and all the Spice! I am not a fan of cheating storylines, accidental pregnancy, step-sibling romance or unnecessary miscommunication tropes. 

Romantasy –– Give me a romance with sufficient fantasy worldbuilding. The romantic plot should be the main event but the worldbuilding needs to be able to stand up to scrutiny. The reader should accept the customs and specifics of your fantasy without too much confusion. Recent titles I’ve loved include Fourth Wing and League of Gentleman Witches

As for the romance, I love tropes (especially: Enemies to Lovers, Who Hurt You?), morally grey characters and kick-ass heroines. I love training montages and dueling as foreplay. Show me spice during high-pressure situations, quick kisses stolen in battlefields, and fantastic banter. I would also love a return to the paranormal romances that dominated the 2010s. Send me the 2020s twist on Twilight, Beautiful Creatures, Shiver or Vampire Academy. I am most definitely on the hunt for Romantasy and paranormal romance featuring queer and underrepresented voices.

Fantasy –– The worldbuilding absolutely must be believable and purposeful. Fantasy should be a mirror held up to the real world, offering a differing perspective that allows us to examine something about ourselves or our lives in a new light. I have a masters degree in Fantasy from the University of Glasgow so I can be a bit of a stickler when it comes to this! The magic/training/military school trope has been nearly exhausted, so be creative with the setting. My favorite fantasy author is Tamora Pierce––I would love a “girl has to pretend to be a boy to get her knighthood” storyline that Pierce couldn’t do in the 80s such as LGBT representation (although Alanna was definitely gender fluid and Kel was 100% ace), a deeper dive into the social and political implications (no white saviorism!) and more spice. Some of my other favorite fantasy novels include Howl’s Moving Castle, Good Omens, Kindred and Golden Compass. I don’t want Tolkien-esque hard worldbuilding with 100k+ quests; instead focus on the pacing and how it can grab the reader. I want a fantasy plot that compels me to keep reading even if it’s past my bedtime! I adore fairytale retellings, dark fantasy, alternate histories and historical fantasy, and the occasional steampunk/dystopia.