Cristin was born in Japan while her parents were working as Russian-English translators for the US military. She moved frequently throughout her childhood, which fueled her love of reading, since books were the friends she never had to say goodbye to. After University, Cristin spent the rest of her twenties traveling the world while working for a non-profit. She’s visited nearly forty countries and speaks three languages.

She now lives in Belgium with her Flemish husband and four daughters. In 2010, she won the Paul Gillette Award for historical fiction, and her manuscript was selected for Author Mentor Match in 2019. When she’s not writing adventure-filled historical fantasy for kids and teens, you’ll find her studying history, photographing castles, or exploring the tangled forests of the Belgian Ardennes.

Cristin’s debut Romantasy, Whisper of Stars is forthcoming from Gollancz in 2025.