Vincent Tirado is a nonbinary Afro-latine with a love of all things sci-fi and horror. Born and raised in the Bronx, they ventured out to Pennsylvania and Ohio to get their Bachelor’s in Biology and Master’s in Bioethics. Vincent is in love with quirky and fun storytelling and cites The Good Place as a source of inspiration while also enthralled with darker elements found in Stranger Things.

Their insatiable desire for knowledge often keeps them busy with new hobbies they pick and writing inspiration. As such, they have about six or seven hobbies put on hold and twelve book ideas just waiting to be written. 

Their debut YA horror, Burn Down, Rise Up was published by Sourcebooks in May 2022. Their follow up horror, We Don’t Swim here will be published in May 2023. Their debut adult psychological horror We Came to Welcome You, pitched as The Other Black Girl meets Midsommar, is forthcoming from Harper Collins in September 2024.

Praise for We Came to Welcome You 

“A sinister and compelling psychological chiller about the perils of assimilation in a community that doesn’t want you. Difficult to read at times, but that’s simply because Vincent Tirado’s writing is so raw, so corrosive, so undeniably brilliant. We Came to Welcome You is nasty, playful, and deeply unsettling.” 

 — Eric LaRocca, author of Things Have Gotten Worse Since We Last Spoke

“A deeply disconcerting and fully engrossing tale that explores the dangers of conformity and the effects of assimilation on the mind, body, and spirit. Vincent’s work casts off the illusion of a white picket fence as protection and asks you to consider that the real monsters are the ones who lurk behind it.” 

 — Kalynn Bayron, New York Times bestselling author of Cinderella Is Dead and Sleep Like Death